Sunday, May 9, 2010

Clearance Sale

Dreamer Sega Doll Sale
We will be having a Fleamarket to clear off our sega doll.
Items are all at super low price ranging from $1 to $18
Details of fleamarket:
Date: 26th September 2010, Sunday
Time: 10am to 5pm
Location: Blk 332 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8 Void Deck

Disney Sega Prize: Pastel Colour Stitch & Angel in Santa Costume
Set of Stitch & Angel - $50.00 [1 pair left!]
Size: 30cm height

Disney Sega Prize: Marshmallow Furry Stitch & Scrump Doll Series (Large)
Scrump - $28.00 ( 1 left)
Size: 35cm height x 23cm width

Disney Sega Prize: Christmas Stitch on Sledge with Pouch

Set of Stitch & Angel: $40.00 (1 set left)
Size: 27.5(l) x 15(w) x 22(h)cm

Disney Sega Prize: Stitch & Angel In Xmas Suit With Scrump Puppet

Angel - $20.00 (1 left)
Approximately 35cm

Disney Sega Prize: Stitch & Angel Hugging Scrump With Heart Stitch with Scrump - $20.00 (1 Left)
Approximately 23cm

Disney Sega Prize: Winter Scarf Stitch & Angel with Scrumpdoll Angel with Scrump - $20.00 (1 Left)
Size: 21cm height x 22cm width

Disney Sega Prize: Noconoco Big Pinky Furry Mickey & Minnie Set of Mickey and Minnie - $60.00
Approximately 30cm

Disney Sega Prize: Noconoco Stitch & Friends with Clover Leaf (Big)

Full Set of 3 consist of Stitch, Angel & Scrump - $80.00 (1 set left)
Approximately 25cm

Disney Sega Prize: Mickey & Minnie Tissue Box HolderMinnie - $12.00 ( 1 left)

Disney Sega Prize: Small Grey Pooh With Denim Wear Keychain Pooh with Light Blue Ear - $4.00 (1 Left)
Pooh with Light Brown Ear - $4.00 (1 Left)
Approximately 8cm

Disney Sega Caltoy Soft Furry Polar Bear (Small) Yellow Polar - $5.00 (1 Left)
Blue Polar - $5.00 (Sold)
Approximately 15cm

Disney Sega Prize: Extra Large Stitch in Football Suit

Stitch - $20.00 (1 left)
Approximately 40cm

Big Mickey - $15.00
(When you press the button on the left leg, it will have a sound)

Disney Sega Prize: Big 3 Little Pig Series First on the left Available Only - $15.00 (1 Left)
Approximately 30cm

Disney Sega Prize: Noconoco Small Furry Mickey & Minnie

Minnie in Pink - $10.00
Approximately 18cm